KONVOOI and its curators care for the visitors, artists and collaborators of the festival.

Questions about inclusivity and care shaped this edition of KONVOOI, as to create a safer and more welcoming environment for everyone. We want to actively listen to the specific needs for everyone to feel warm and comfortable, fully knowing we won’t be able to make this place truly accessible and free of injustices. So if you experience or see any signs of discrimination/violence based on gender, race, physical appearance, identity, religion, illness, sexual orientation, disability… we encourage you to come to us.

If you feel uncomfortable, or if you are in need of a helping hand, please reach out to the people wearing a KONVOOI-shirt. We will try to assist you in the best way possible.

On the first floor of the Entrepot building, we created a quiet, resting place for everyone who wants to take some time off. Feel free to roam around this room and settle into the stillness of the space.

We invite all participants of KONVOOI to co-create an atmosphere of empathic softness, so if you have any feedback on the topic of care and its implementation, you can send a message to Klara or leave an anonymous report on the website of Het Entrepot: