KONVOOI is curated by 5 young artists/collectives. Het Entrepot provided them a trajectory, a budget and the opportunity to co-curate the festival. You can learn more about them here:

  • In welke zin

    A nomadic publishing platform with the aim to publish poetry, experimental prose and visual art books that don’t find a place in traditional publishing.

  • Senne Vanderschelden & Marius Lefever

    Senne and Marius share a complementary artistic interest in the temporal medium - performance, sounds and radio

  • Dajo Van den Bussche

    Dajo is a photographer who has been extensively exploring, working in and documenting the port

  • Dauwtrip

    Dauwtrip is a nightlife collective providing a shared space to enjoy electronic music and other sensorial experiences

  • NOON Collective

    NOON is a multidisciplinary collective questioning how we relate to each other, in human and other-than-human worlds.

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