Prelude to the festival. Drift between day and night, between sleep and consciousness. With live music, performances and a ‘sound tour’. A journey that ends at the breakfast table, on the rooftop of Het Entrepot, while The Sunset Choir welcomes the first rays of morning sun.

Only the first day of the art festival requires a ticket.
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– €21,21 / incl. breakfast
– €26,21 / incl. breakfast, sleeping after breakfast and lunch

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  • Mattias De Craene

    LIVE MUSIC / Mattias De Craene brings together lushness and cinematic repetition with his saxophone, a siren that seduces the listener.

  • Sunrise Choir

    LIVE MUSIC / Young composer Daan Geysen, created a soundtrack for Konvooi Arts Festival. A composition for a choir of eight voices. This choir will perform on the rooftop of Het Entrepot during sunrise.

  • Kato De Vidts

    AMBIENT SESSION / Kato De Vidts seeks the humbling experience of creating an ambient, unified field.

  • Motacilla

    AMBIENT SESSION / Named after a bird, nature sounds and electronic clouds are common elements in the selection of Motacilla

  • PiP

    AMBIENT SESSION / PiP is short for Pepijn Gyssels. He’s been active in the Belgian electronic music scene as a DJ and producer but also as co-founding member of the multidisciplinary nightlife collective Dauwtrip.

  • Francesca Hawker

    PERFORMANCE / Francesca Hawker creates multi-modal medleys of performance, poetry, sound and text, with each of the components playfully infused into one another in a prevailing thematic of a remix.

  • CON2RS sound walk

    SOUND TOUR / Take a morning walk and hover off, dew trippin’. Best experienced on headphones, just before sunset, to help crack the dawn.

  • MIST

    TEA CEREMONY / Mist brings you the mystifying Taiwanese tea culture during a tea ceremony

  • Easyground

    MUSICAL EXPERIENCE / In easyground participants are given the chance to electronically ground themselves.


Date: Thursday 25th of August 2022 (from evening until morning)
Location: Entrepot, Binnenweg 4 Bruges
Languages: Performances in English
To create and protect the right atmosphere, we will serve non-alcoholic drinks only!

– Doors: 21h30
– Start program: 22h
– Sound trip at dawn: 05h
– Rooftop breakfast: 06h


– Shower
– Camp Beds
– Pillows
– Cosy Corners


– Comfy clothes
– Phone and headphones
– Sleeping bag, towel and toiletries if you want to stay over
– You will receive an email with instructions 1 week before the event.


– Choir performance and breakfast will take place on the roof,
which is only accessible by a staircase.
– Reach out if you have questions about this issue:
– Performances in English


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Only 120 people can join this unique prelude. Breakfast, a place to sleep, concerts and performances are included in the ticket price.

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