Thursday 25.08

Thursday starts with a Prelude. A night full of ambient, performance, live music, tea ceremonies and a rooftop breakfast. Max 120 attendants.

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  • Mattias De Craene

    Live music. Mattias De Craene brings together lushness and cinematic repetition with his saxophone, a siren that seduces the listener.


    Young composer Daan Geysen, created a soundtrack for Konvooi Arts Festival. A composition for a choir of eight voices. This choir will perform on the rooftop of Het Entrepot during sunrise.

  • Kato De Vidts

    Ambient Session. With you, Kato De Vidts seeks the humbling experience of creating an ambient, unified field.

  • Motacilla

    Ambient session. Named after a bird, nature sounds and electronic clouds are common elements in the selection of Motacilla

  • PiP

    Ambient session. PiP is short for Pepijn Gyssels. He’s been active in the Belgian electronic music scene as a DJ and producer but also as co-founding member of the multidisciplinary nightlife collective Dauwtrip.


    Performance. Francesca Hawker creates multi-modal medleys of performance, poetry, sound and text, with each of the components playfully infused into one another in a prevailing thematic of a remix.


    Take a morning walk and hover off, dew trippin’. Best experienced on headphones, just before sunset, to help crack the dawn.

  • MIST

    MIST brings you the mystifying Taiwanese tea culture during a tea ceremony

  • Easyground

    In easyground participants are given the chance to electronically ground themselves.