Sunday 28.08

All artists will be announced soon.
This day is completely free and requires no tickets.
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    PERFORMANCE / Critical Techno (Helena Dietrich & Thomas Proksch) will perform BIOMORPHIA. A trance-lecture-dance-meditation where we can collectively drift between music, words, movement and physical sensations. Listening becomes an embodied experience, meandering through weird, fantastic, occult and queer stories — travelling towards unknown destinations while exploring the relations between human and nonhuman entities.

  • ÎÏ

    LIVE CONCERT / The shape of a fluid unknown to gravity. the length of their journey, the distance between their bodies. Holding breath while balancing the out of balance. Î Ï opens up a space for undefined, acoustic sound.


    LIVE CONCERT / Composer and pianist Frederik Croene will perform five short pieces on a midi-keyboard. Under each key will be a sound fragment from his own recordings which he will playfully contrast with the rigid pianistic framework. An ironic, light-hearted take on his general oeuvre.


    LIVE CONCERT / Elisabeth Klinck bridges contemporary classical music and the world of experimental electronics. Using meticulous sparseness and poetic depth she builds rich soundworlds where intimacy and meditative states co-exist with darker landscapes to explore temporal space.

  • Read Only Memory

    EXPO / Group exhibition curated by Dajo Van den Bussche. With: Lotte Van den Audenaeren, Tom Hallet, Bas van den Hout, Jelena Vanoverbeek, Brecht Heytens, Sara Pena, Mirre Nimmegeers & Gilles Dusong

  • Sunset Choir

    CHOIR / Young composer Daan Geysen, created a soundtrack for KONVOOI Arts Festival. A composition for a choir of eight voices. Based on the poem ‘’t Er viel ’ne Keer’ of the famous Bruges poet Guido Gezelle.


    KIKI KIOSK / Queer collective Bebe Books spent a month as a resident in Het Entrepot. During August, they experimented with several printing techniques in Het Lab. To showcase the results of their residency and their older creations, Bebe Books constructed the Kiki Kiosk. There you can hang out, read fanzines, gossip, or do a little dance.

  • Sam Corijn & Elena Vloeberghen

    INSTALLATION / Sam Corijn & Elena Vloeberghen have created a dynamic universe based on everyday happenings that unfold within the port of Bruges. By means of turn and return, Corijn & Vloeberghen released a site specific work made from exotic, excess scraps: ‘BIGBAG’.

  • NOON Collective

    PERFORMANCE / During the festival days NOON will share some multimedial scores that were created for KONVOOI. Intertwining with the installations and specificities of the harbor, you are invited for an exploration through the art route where space and time could have a different taste, a different feeling. On Sunday, they will also present a try-out of their newest performance.

  • In welke zin

    TRAVELING POETIC PLATFORM / As ‘In welke zin’ we have commandeered a vessel that was stranded in the port. With this boat we will sail the terrain of the festival, mooring at different places. On and around this boat we organize recitals, readings, workshops, talks, poetry and slam.

  • Senne Vanderschelden & Marius Lefever

    RADIO PLATFORM / Senne and Marius build a radio space that can function as an artistic meeting place, as a platform for performances and sound interventions: ‘stoorhalm’. By choosing the medium of radio they want to explore how they can translate the visible image into an auditive imagination.

  • Lore Snauwaert

    PERFORMANCE / Cooking is an art. It’s so closely related to humans’ basic needs, it separates from other art disciplines. You need cooking to survive. “Just like painting”, we hear a painter think. But would we die if there were no more painting? Would man die out if there were no more art? When it comes to survival, there is an architect in each of us. When it comes to survival, there is a cook inside each of us.

  • SVDU

    LIVE MUSIC / SVDU will be performing alongside poet, performer and musician Victor Guezennac. Both of them attended the Royal Arts Academy of Brussels in the performance section. Together they share a passion for abstract hip hop, and spoken word poetry. They will prepare a form that’s in between concert and performance in delivering personal and imaginary worlds.

  • Sagat

    LIVE MUSIC / Just as the identity of Brussels is unclear, forever shifting and very much alive, so is the sonic world SAGAT conjures up, moving the listener into  forever unexpected syncopations and melodic elements that seem to tell the story of human flesh being fused with fiber optics.

  • Naomie Klaus

    LIVE MUSIC / Naomie seems to conceive her music as a big playground, a free zone of mischief in which she likes to experiment and interpret different identities, different characters. 90’s techno, loud trip-hop, languid pop, nonchalant post-punk, dracular mass, … You’re invited to join a twilight zone, to plunge in her strange tales for adults, where the princesses we meet are armed, hysterical, nymphos and badly dressed.

  • Guilty of Love

    PERFORMANCE / In this performance, Sophia Bauer and Marieke Schraepen focus on the abundance of sexual violence in our cultural imagination. The dead raped woman, in particular, appears in the most unexpected places: as a wish image, as a monster, as a sacrifice. Why does this image remain so powerful over time? At the intersection of romance and violence, the players work their way through a cultural obsession.

  • Ruben Mardulier, Aaron Daem & Mimi Washer

    PERFORMANCE / ‘Coincidence and us’. Three performers give space to the things that are already there. The performers will attempt to achieve an open state, ready to respond to whatever happens. Coincidence can happen at any time and in any form. Coincidence is always welcome in their space; when it comes and how it comes.

  • Leen Van Dommelen

    PERFORMANCE / The performance ‘I Eye’ is a bittersweet trip through the imagination of watching and being watched. An attempt to find a grip in an inner image that unfolds in every direction, the disintegration of oneself, one’s own image, to the rhythm of a body out of rhythm, which escapes itself and loses itself.

  • Azahara Ubera

    WORKSHOP / Azahara is an artist, researcher, and a radical tender feminist. Her practice is situated at the intersection of dance, choreography, experimental pedagogy and artistic creation. They translates philosophical ideas around feminism and queer culture into somatic practices. Through performative installations they creates spaces for being together, intimate encounters and connecting with otherness.

  • Tieten Met Haar

    WORKSHOP / Tieten Met Haar is a three headed art collective. They are brought together by the love for comics and illustration, a common sense of humor and the desire to make books. They will bring their most ambitious workshop to date: make a ‘choose your own adventure’-book in a couple of hours.